Processing Programs

One size does not fit all.  Being a merchant services brokerage group allows us to choose from several different pricing programs across the industry.  We'll give you some choices and let you choose the right fit for your practice.  Here are the most common.

Zero Fee/Dual Pricing

Our Zero Fee Solutions allow merchants to accept credit cards and pay $0 to process them.   These programs are ideal for businesses that need to accept credit cards but don't want to pay credit card processing fees. 

Avg. monthly savings

Compliant Surcharging

Compliant Surcharging allows a merchant to pass along the cost of credit cards to the consumer, but not debit cards.  This model is preferred in Healthcare as it allows FSA and HSA cardholders the chance to use their issued cards without feeling "penalized".

Avg. monthly savings

Tiered or Interchange Plus

Tiered pricing is the most common and easy to understand.  Interchange plus pricing is more complicated but is usually most cost effective and transparent.  However, sometimes an apples to apples comparison is desired.

Avg. monthly savings

Interchange Optimization

Interchange Optimization is ideal for businesses that accept B2B payments.  Our sophisticated technology gathers Level II and Level III data for you, avoiding industry downgrades and saving you more.

Avg. monthly savings

Flat Rate

Some platforms automatically come with a Flat Rate structure, like our Open Dental Integration.  Some merchants like a flat rate for the transparency, but they often lose out on low interchange plus rates.  We are happy to discuss the differences.

Avg. monthly savings